With ClifRock Outdoor Living Products, get ready to vacation in your backyard! From creating fire features to designing outdoor kitchens that rival five-star restaurants, we bring indulgent comfort, style, and performance to your backyard space. Founded on a mission of providing superior hardscape designs, we will transform your ideas into a unique backyard experience while delivering results with an impressive return on investment.

Using advanced technology and proprietary ClifRock stone panel masonry, our products are renowned for resisting extreme temperatures and weather, abrasion, and impact. Best of all? We can complete most projects in three days or less to give you the stunning outdoor area you deserve without the hassle.
Whatever you envision for your backyard oasis, we make it a reality by offering:

  • Fire pits and incredible outdoor fire features
  • Outdoor kitchens with a plethora of customizable built-in BBQ options
  • Entertainment islands, bars, and comfortable outdoor seating areas
  • Retaining walls and stamped concrete to protect your landscaping and add a custom look
  • Water features such as jumping rocks, water slides, and caves.
  • Beautiful onsite-built Pergolas and Gazebos. 

There has never been a better time than now to turn your drab backyard into a masterpiece, and we are the company you need to bring your dreams to life. If you want to vacation in luxury, you only have to go as far as your backyard when you call or fill out our online form to request your free quote!

ClifRock’s Panel Masonry™ represents a significant advancement in alternative masonry and engineered stone technology. Although our products look and feel like natural stone, they’re lighter, more durable, and more versatile! They’ve also been engineered explicitly by one of the world’s leading concrete chemists to withstand year-round outdoor exposure in virtually every climate region.

With ClifRock products and technology, your friends, neighbors, and guests won’t be able to tell the difference—but you certainly will! You’ll enjoy natural stone tiles’ luxurious and sophisticated look, only with far less installation and maintenance hassle.

  • Backyard Waterfalls
  • Grottos and Caves
  • Pool Slides and Waterfalls
  • Fire Pits
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • BBQ Islands
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Service Areas and Bars
  • Seating


What is it about a custom fireplace that makes any space feel more welcoming and extravagant?

With a premium outdoor fireplace from Xtreme Concrete Services LLC, your outdoor living space will be elevated to the next level of style and elegance. Outdoor fireplaces add light and warmth, and they complete your outdoor living area by serving as a focal point and tying all the other design elements together. 

Yours is not an ordinary home. It’s a reflection of your style and your impeccable taste—and your outdoor living spaces should be a continuation of that. A gorgeous, custom outdoor fireplace will serve as a gathering place that you’ll enjoy for years.
An outdoor fireplace from Xtreme Concrete Services LLC provides the following:
  • Weather-Resistant Performance: Our fire features are built with our innovative panel masonry system engineered to withstand any weather. The heat-tolerant material will not expand and contract like other options, offering outstanding beauty and performance for decades. 
  • Remarkable Value: Our proprietary material is of superior value to other options as it’s more durable and less expensive to install. 
  • Unlimited Design Options: You can choose the size, style, and stone profile and select a wood-burning or gas fireplace. Whether your outdoor space has a modern twist or is built around the idea of timeless elegance, we can design and build a custom outdoor fireplace that blends seamlessly with the other design elements in your space.
  • Fast Installation: Xtreme Concrete Services LLC can complete the installation of your outdoor fireplace in just a few days. Our lightweight materials mean that no heavy equipment is required, so you won’t have to worry about damage to your landscaping.

fire pit

Design is the first step in any exceptional outdoor feature, and our Authorized Installers will combine the unique characteristics of your space with quality ClifRock products to create an unforgettable fire feature design. ClifRock creates custom-fabricated premium products to give you the look and functionality you want. Even our simple fire pits are extraordinary—in appearance and durability, whether you want a minor feature to highlight a gathering area or a stunning showpiece to serve as your yard’s focal piece.

Every detail of your home is tailored to suit your taste, so the same should be true of your fire feature design. Whether for your modern home in the city or your vacation log cabin in the mountains, we have options for every home. 

Outdoor Fire Pit Design: When we said our fire pits were extraordinary, you may have pictured fine materials that can stand up to any weather while adding to the charm of your outdoor space. While all of that is true, we also offer entirely unexpected features. Blazing Beats Dancing fire pits present fire that dances to the music. If you prefer something more subdued, we also have classic fire pits, such as our tree stump fire pit, designed to blend seamlessly with your landscaping.

Outdoor Fireplace Design: An outdoor fireplace serves as a gathering area, provides warmth and light, and adds beauty to your space. Various stone options, including random rock, ledge stack, dry stack, and cliff stone, allow you to choose a cohesive look with your signature style. Whether your aesthetic is modern or traditional, your outdoor fireplace design will be tailored to your taste. No matter your style, you’ll appreciate the fast installation our unique panel masonry system allows.

water features

You took great care when choosing custom finishes for the interior of your home, so do the same when it comes to creating an outdoor living space that will impress all who see it. We design and craft many water features, including:

  • Water Feature Design
  • Backyard Waterfalls
  • Pool Waterfalls
  • Grottos and Caves
  • Water Walls
  • Pool Slides
  • Koi Ponds

Your water features will be fabricated from a lightweight, innovative material that perfectly mimics natural stone. Enjoy the sounds of the falling water as you relax or entertain friends and family in your elegant, custom-designed backyard living area.

retaining walls

Do you have a retaining wall that needs a new look?

Our GFRC panels are the perfect product to cover a wall that needs an upgraded look for less than standard masonry costs. We can also use our panels as underpinning for projects such as mobile homes; she sheds, or even your house! 

seat walls

Seating and Conversation Spaces when gathering with family or friends in your backyard, ensure the space is as comfortable and commanding as your indoor seating areas. Xtreme Concrete Services LLC crafts stunning seating and conversation spaces with luxurious touches and impressive quality.
We’ve transformed plain backyards into exceptional outdoor living areas and worked on yards in some of the most prestigious addresses where impeccable style and craftsmanship are expected. We meet those expectations with our custom-designed spaces and ensure you can have as much pride in the exterior of your home as you do in the interior.

Xtreme Concrete Services LLC makes creating your signature outdoor living space easy and ensures it’s perfectly tailored to your style. We will add custom seating for a fabulous conversation area from modern to elegant to timeless and classic.
Our exclusive services are only available to a few homeowners at a time. This allows us to give each project the personal attention it deserves. When you choose Xtreme Concrete Services LLC to install your outdoor conversation space, we’ll provide the following:

  • Space Assessments: We’ll assess your space and help you choose the perfect spot for your outdoor seating.
  • Premier Design Consultations: We can provide 3D design renderings so you’ll know what each feature will look like.
  • Integrated Style: Thoughtful touches and stunning designs help your outdoor features to look like a natural part of your outdoor space. Your seating and other elements will blend seamlessly with the landscaping to create a seamless look worthy of a spread in a home and garden magazine.

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